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Green Tea Clay Mask

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Green Tea and Eggplant Purifying Clay Stick Mask


Unveil your skin’s natural radiance with our Green Tea Eggplant Purifying Clay Stick Mask. This multi-benefit mask, enriched with green tea extract and eggplant plant extracts, deeply cleanses, reduces blackheads, and improves skin condition, catering to all skin types for a convenient and effective skincare routine.

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Green Tea Clay Stick Mask Green Tea Eggplant Purifying Clay Stick Mask, Green Tea Solid Mask Deep Cleansing Pores & Blackheads Clay Stick Mask for Improves Skin

  • 【Natural Ingredient- Green Tea】:The green tea clay stick mask contains green tea extract, which can effectively deeply clean up skin dirt, adjust the skin’s water and oil balance, replenish skin moisture, and improves skin.
  • 【Natural Ingredient- Eggplant】:The eggplant clay stick mask contains eggplant plant extracts, which can effectively relieve the growth of facial blackheads and reduce the formation of acne, improve Skin Condition.
  • 【Improve Skin】: The green tea solid mask effectively reduces blackheads, controls oil, improve facial dullness, and Keep beautiful skin.
  • 【All Skin Types】: Our green tea clay stick mask for cleaning the face moisturizes oil control, deep clean pore, improves skin, for all skin types.
  • 【Easy to use】: The green tea clay stick masks easy to use it. Just wash your face, apply mud to your face or body, leave it for about 8mins, The green tea clay stick masks texture is fine and smooth, then wash off.


The Green tea solid cleansing mask contains repair multiple plant extracts to improve dry damaged skin. The green tea clay stick mask can effectively reduce blackheads, control oil, improve facial fullness, and keep beautiful skin. The green tea clay stick mask suitable for all skin types. It is suitable for carrying out at home, travel, business trip, etc.


1. Spin out the paste and apply it to the face or hand.

2. Apply evenly to the face and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes.

3. After it dries, rinse with water.


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