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Express Teeth Whitening Strips


Achieve a whiter smile effortlessly with our Express Teeth Whitening Strips. Formulated with sensitivity in mind, these clinically proven strips gently remove stains from daily indulgences, leaving behind a pleasant menthol sensation


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  • Effective And Safe Whitening Strips : waving palms 6% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening strips combine medical grade hydrogen peroxide and natural coconut oil, and infuse them with our unique teeth whitening formula, effectively and safely. The smile will never be wiped off your face.
  • Teeth Whitening Strip Is Easy To Use: Waving Palms whitening strips are easy to peel off. The high-density gel strip is made with a patented polymer production process. Easy to use, only needs to be applied to your teeth for 30 mins.
  • Teeth Whitening Strips Reduce The Yellowing: Waving Palms whitening strips not only minimizes the yellowing of the teeth caused by external factors but also penetrate deeper into the teeth to reduce the yellowing of teeth caused by internal factors that cannot be solved by brushing.
  • Teeth Whitening Strip Contains Innovative Active Oxygen: The innovative active oxygen tooth whitening formula of Waving Palms whitening strips can penetrate deep into the teeth and deposit on the surface of the teeth. The deep pigments produce a reducing effect to restore and whiten the teeth.
  • Non-slip Whitening Strips : Waving Palms whitening strips are close to non-slip, and do not effect the normal rhythm of life when using. No problem with exercising and speaking.


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